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On this page you’ll find all of the podcast resources you will need in starting and running a podcast that I could think of.

An up-to-date list of all of the tools, equipment & services that I have either used myself, or found after thorough research, to ensure only the best recommendations are present to cater to all requirements.

[Full Disclosure: Some of these links may be affiliate links, meaning – at no extra cost to you – I receive compensation if you purchase through them.]


Samson q2u mic

Samson Q2U

Great quality and durability for the entry level cost! Also scales well as you expand your kit, due to the xlr option.

Neweer boom arm
Boom Arm

Neweer Adjustable Arm Stand

Good price for the quality of this stand. Includes desk clamp and standard mic clip attachment.

Neweer pop filter
Professional Pop Filter

Neewer Microphone Pop Filter

This simply improves the quality of your recordings, by reducing the “plosives” as you talk, being “s”, “p” and “b”.

Neweer shock mount
Professional Shock Mount

Neweer Microphone Shock Mount

Rather than your standard mic clip, one of these isolates your mic from picking up physical vibration, floor and stand noise from travelling into the mic.

iRig mic lav
Lavalier microphone for mobile devices

iRig Mic Lav

Comes in a small carry case, meaning that along with your smart phone, you can record an interview anywhere!


Buzzspout logo
The absolute best platform to use to launch and grow your show


If you host your podcast with Buzzspout from the get go, then you’re in a golden spot. I love Buzzsprout for its ease of use, product-centric ethos, devotion to podcasters, and focus on the fundamental features that actually matter.
Using this link will get you a $20 Amazon gift card too!


Locally (Typically Solo)

For PC & MAC users
Audacity logo

Free audio editing software for Macs and PCs.

For MAC users
Garage band logo

Free audio editing software for Macs.

Premium option

Adobe Audition

Adobe audition logo

Paid software but included if you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud user.



Auphonic logo

Automatic audio post production web service for podcasts, free & paid tiers – depending on monthly usage.

Remotely (Typically Interviews)

Squadcast logo
Records audio for all participants individually

SquadCast is about making it easier for you and your guests to have a remote conversation, without compromising quality, by recording each participant locally and then combining the tracks for the best results.

Intro & Outro

Music radio creative logo
Full service

Music Radio Creative

Full-service and best quality at a slightly higher price.

fiverr logo


Provides full-service or standalone voice overs. Find a freelancer that suits you.

Royalty Free Music

Buy individual tracks
Audio jungle logo

Royalty free music and audio tracks from $1, with individual tracks and music packs available.

Subscribe & get access to 1,000s
Epidemic sound logo

Diverse music, with personal & commercial options. Unlimited downloads. Unlimited uploads, on all platforms.


Find a designer, or start a contest
99 design logos

Get the perfect design. Whatever your business need or budget, they’ll help get it done.

Free DIY option, or paid pro features
canva logo

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content. 

Website Player

Fusebox logo
Encourage listener engagement on your website

Most web-based podcast players are a total bust, which is why Pat Flynn built his own: the Fusebox Podcast Player. It’s the solution to a key problem: galvanizing the consumption and growth of a podcast via a website.


Rev logo
Fast, quality, on-demand service

Rev.com caters to podcast episode transcription needs. The quality is always there, and price is fair. Despite the hype of some newer options in the industry, Rev.com continues to deliver without fail.

Audience Interaction

bonjoro logo

Boost customer engagement with perfectly timed personal videos, quickly building trust & starting conversations with your audience.

speakpipe logo


Receive voice messages from your audience directly on your website. Make it super easy for your visitors to contact you, leave feedback or a testimonial.

Helpful Courses

power up podcasting logo
by Pat Flynn

Power-Up Podcasting

A step-by-step course to launch a successful podcast that gets found and grows your online brand. I took this course before launching this podcast and found it incredibly helpful, walking me through each step and answering all of my questions! This podcast would not be what it is, if not for this course. (This is a paid course.)

amp'd up podcasting logo
by Pat Flynn

Amp’d Up Podcasting

This is the next level… If you liked Power-Up Podcasting, and want more, this is it. Amp’d Up Podcasting is designed to help committed podcasters like you avoid burnout, discover smarter ways to work, and incorporate authentic monetization strategies to transform your promising podcast into a sustainable and profitable one! (This is a paid course.)


Emotional Fitness

Sometimes, we all need help to cut through the Headfunk caused by modern life.


There are a lot of software tools in the world today, these are the ones used for this site.

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