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The Headfunk is a brand new Podcast about Emotional Fitness. The show is for those who struggle with the overwhelm of modern society, with connecting to themselves and others, and those who embrace the challenge of dealing with their emotions and conquering the Headfunk!

What is Headfunk?

Headfunk is a catch-all term; to describe the confusing emotional and mental challenges we all face in these modern times.

In this show, the focus is on building up our emotional fitness! We’ll work through our inner turmoil, learn to accept ourselves and our emotions, expand our emotional toolkit and take challenges head-on! Striving together for strengthened feelings of fulfillment, presence, happiness and authenticity; becoming the hero of our own story.

We’ll explore many topics, including emotional education, resilience, breaking negative cycles, facing trauma and finding purpose. We’ll discuss mindset, vulnerability, spirituality, societal affects, reducing stress, communication and self-care. We’ll learn how to find your voice, practice mindfulness, bolster human connection, live with intention and in flow, with many more topics to come…

Show Host

Hey everyone! Mr Gwynbleidd here. I’m from the UK and never learnt about the need to work on my emotional fitness while growing up. I found myself an adult, totally out of touch with how I felt, caught in a rat race without a purpose…

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My Story

For a long time, I was in a troubled relationship with someone who suffered with severe depression, extreme anxiety, suicidal bouts and complicated phobias. Problems I had never encountered before.

I had no idea how to process everything that was happening, how to cope, what was okay to feel, how to help, what to say, what to do, how to act normal at work; with friends and family…

So I did nothing to address how I was feeling. I switched off, completely. My now ex-partner said I was “no different to a robot“, a flatmate that I had “eyes like stone“. It didn’t bother me at the time, but in hindsight that should have hurt, been a wake-up call and made me re-evaluate things…

Four Years Passed.
I thought I was coping…

Until one day I broke in the middle of the night, and finally realised that I was a mess! Sure, I was able to deal with a suicide attempt at night, then go to work the next day; able to maintain the facade of a life… but 4 years had passed in a blur, with nothing to show for it.

I had put everything I had wanted to do on hold, distanced myself from family & friends, with no goals and no direction; I was lost. Worst of all, it hadn’t even helped my relationship; she still suffered from the same issues, except now, my emotional range of a rock only made things worse.

In switching off – compartmentalising my emotions – I stopped more than just the negative feelings. I also denied any positive emotions, as well as the ability to be present and intentional about my life… unable even to connect with those around me.

These Days…

Tomas in Kawagoe

That was a few years ago. Now, I’m happy to say that I’m in a much better place, after having worked on my emotional fitness!
Switched on, able to be present and to form much deeper relationships with those around me. I found myself wanting to learn more about emotional fitness & health, to find the best way to deal with emotional roadblocks, and to look into the aspects of modern society and our culture that makes modern life so difficult to navigate… as there’s so much going on all of the time!

So, please, join me on this journey… Subscribe, and together let’s get ready to conquer the Headfunk!

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